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Parenthood in Restaurants [S2E7]

July 15, 2019

Today on The Garnish we’ve got an episode about being a parent in the restaurant industry. In this episode, three moms and two dads from all over the restaurant industry give their perspectives on one of the greatest challenges to modern work-life balance: restaurant work and parenthood. 

We discuss the toughest parts of being a restaurant industry parent, as well as the unexpected joys that come with it.

Meet our guests:

  • Katie Rosengren, who you may remember from our episode about gratuity-free restaurants, who is a general manager at Juliet Restaurant and has a one year old son.
  • Matt Titter, chef/owner of Max’s Eatery, and father to a nine year old son, Max.
  • Kyleen Atonson, a fine dining pastry chef at two Michelin Star restaurant Acadia in Chicago and mom of a five-month old son.
  • Baljinder Nijjar, a restaurant manager with two grown children.
  • Natalie Larson, sous chef at Mamaleh’s and single mother of a 7 year old son. 

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